SharpFS -- A Virtual FileSystem for .NET

SharpFS Namespace

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

The top level namespace for the SharpFS library.

Namespace hierarchy


Class Description
DirectoryArchiver An archiver that loads files from the system's filesystem.
FileManager Provides services for applications to asynchronously load files into memory.
ResourceArchiver An archiver that loads files from resource files (.res).
VirtualFile Represents a file opened from a virtual filesystem.
VirtualFS Represents an instance of a virtual filesystem, which can be used to transparently access archives using a system independent file structure.
WebArchiver An archiver that loads files from the web. Supported protocols are http, ftp, and file. The target must be in URI format, e.g. .
ZipArchiver An archiver that loads files from Zip files.


Interface Description
IArchiver Base interface that all archiver plugins must implement.


Delegate Description
FileManager.FileCompletionHandler Delegate handler called when a file request has finished. Not called if an error occurred.